A Few Steps To Save Environment

about us

Bean2Go Turns your favorite coffee shop into a drive through.

Developed for the coffee connoisseur who loves a take out coffee but hates to queue.

Whether you frequent the same coffee shop or are on the lookout for somewhere new.

Bean2go unites great coffee shops with serious coffee lovers.

With our Bean2go app, coffee drinkers have the opportunity to find new convenient coffee shops they never knew existed.


Don't let queue's come between you and your favorite brew. Install our IOS or Android app today and enjoy the benefit of barrister coffee on the go.

  • UserFriendly

    Bean2go makes ordering a click of a button

  • EasyInstallation

    Install our IOS or Android app in a few clicks

  • SaveTime

    Pay using saved method of payment within our app via our secure payment gateway.

  • Cashlesscoffee

    No waiting in line to pay, just click and collect.

what our client says

With my busy life and schedule, finally an app that makes ordering my take away coffee on the run very convenient. Ordering and collecting my take away coffee has never been so easy. <br>

What a pleasure not having to find parking and get out of my vehicle and stand in a queue to get my daily coffee fix.

Great convenience, awesome experience

Love it, so easy and convenient.

How it works

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